JetPlayer in android

The Android platform includes a JET engine that lets you add interactive playback of JET audio content in your applications. Android provides JetPlayer class to handle this stuff.

In order to Jet Content , you need to use the JetCreator tool that comes with AndroidSDK. The usage of jetCreator has been discussed in the example. In order to play the content created by JetCreator, you need JetPlayer class supported by android.

In order to use JetPlayer , you need to instantiate an object of JetPlayer class. Its syntax is given below −

JetPlayer jetPlayer = JetPlayer.getJetPlayer();

The next thing you need to do is to call loadJetFile method and pass in the path of your Jet file. After that you have to add this into the Queue of JetPlayer. Its syntax is given below −

byte segmentId = 0;

// queue segment 5, repeat once, use General MIDI, transpose by -1 octave
jetPlayer.queueJetSegment(5, -1, 1, -1, 0, segmentId++);

The method queueJetSegment Queues the specified segment in the JET Queue. The last thing you need to is to call the play method to start playing the music. Its syntax is given below −;