PHP 5 Installation

<h2>What Do I Need?</h2>

<p>To start using PHP, you can:</p>

  <li>Find a web host with PHP and MySQL support</li>
  <li>Install a web server on your own PC, and then install PHP and MySQL</li>

<h2>Use a Web Host With PHP Support</h2>

<p>If your server has activated support for PHP you do not need to do anything.</p>

<p>Just create some .php files, place them in your web directory, and the server will automatically parse them for you.</p>

<p>You do not need to compile anything or install any extra tools.</p>

<p>Because PHP is free, most web hosts offer PHP support.</p>

<h2>Set Up PHP on Your Own PC</h2>

<p>However, if your server does not support PHP, you must:</p>

  <li>install a web server</li>
  <li>install PHP</li>
  <li>install a database, such as MySQL</li>

<p>The official PHP website ( has installation instructions for PHP:
<a target="_blank" href=""></a></p>